i will block you if:

you are "pro-ship" (create OR endorse content such as dubcon, incest, abuse, etc. OR defend it on the notion that its "fictional")

your attitude toward pro-ship stuff is "well its not my cup of tea but i see no problem associating w ppl who enjoy it as their fetish" you arent welcome here either

i have notifs turned off for non-mutuals so im sorry if i dont see your comment! if anything i have said or done is harmful to you, or rt'd from a harmful person, please dm me! i take these concerns seriously and appreciate being told when i screw up. do not vague or namedrop me when you can resolve the issue with me privately like an adult!

i probably wont follow you back if you arent 16+ or we dont have many interests in common. please keep regular social boundaries with me and do not dm me to ask why ive (soft)blocked you, wont follow you back, etc.

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